Android Photo Recovery:- Get Easy Way to Recover Android Photos

Android is one of the most popular OS for smart-phones and Tablet computers, which is developed, released and marketed by Google. The smart phones and tablet computers supporting this OS is enriched with all functionalities such as browsing Internet, watching movies, playing 3D games, capturing photos and videos, and many more. As these Android devices have a large storage capacity to store a lot of stuffs, most of the people use them to store a lot of captured photos, which they captured during any special moments and intended to keep it safe till the end of life. But such dependency on the Android devices could let them to a photo loss situation if any issue strikes the device unfortunately. In such cases, it become essential to do Android photo recovery at any cost.

Android devices are also featured to create backup of stored data, in order to avoid those conditions. These created backup files be, the easiest way to recover android photos from the android devices. If you are also suffering from such situations from your android devices and mobile, then don't panic at all, you can know the recovery process of deleted photos from Android Cell Phones which will assist your to recover all your photos easily and effectively.

Android Photo Recovery
  • If you have a backup file that is created recently, use the file to restore the android device to the previous state where the photos were safe in the device
  • If you do not have any backup copy with you, then connect the android device to you PC via a USB cable
  • Download a third party android photo recovery software that can help you to recover lost photos and graphics from android OS effectively and easily. Install it into your system, and Run it
  • As the third party software is run, the android device will be detected automatically. If not, do it manually by selecting the connected devices under Devices option
  • Navigate to the memory where the deleted photos are stored on the android device
  • Click on the Scan button to find lost or deleted photos from unknown locations. As the scanning completes, a list of deleted or lost photos will be displayed. Select the photos which are to be recovered, Specify the destination and click on the Recover button
  • As you hit the recover button inside the software, a message displaying “Selected Items are recovered” will be displayed
  • Hurray ! You have successfully recovered android photos. Enjoy them

Now, it is very easy to restore accidentally lost or deleted photos as well as you can even recover formatted photos from android phones and devices with the help of a third party Android photo recovery software, but it is better to create backup files regularly to avoid such conditions. Try it now.

Android Photo Recoveryc

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